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Al (Papa Bear) Guerrero

Born and raised in the Bay Area , Al is a second-generation men’s groomer completing barber school and attaining his license in 2016.

Working odd jobs all his life since he was old enough to attain a worker’s permit Al has spent time employed in shipping docks, airports, bouncing at clubs, QA software, odd security jobs and eventually finding a home in executive security in corporate healthcare. But he was never truly satisfied with his body of work thus far. So, Al felt compelled to spend the second half of his life in pursuit of something that inspired him and that he actually felt passionate about and not just punching in and out of a daily mundane “9-5”. 


Nowadays if you get to know al well enough, he’ll tell you about his barber “Brent” who he met when he was in junior high and how Brent would unknowingly shape Al’s opinion of a career change over 30+ years later to become the barber that he is today. 


I’m passionate about what I’m doing in the barbershop and I care about how my clients look when they get up from my chair because not only does it represent me as a licensed barber, but it also represents our barbershop and that means something to me because it took some work for me to become a member of the Executive room barbershop family and reputation is everything in our trade. Every time new and old clients sit in my chair, I’m striving to give them the best haircut because I care, which is just good old fashioned customer service. 


Follow me on Instagram @papabearguerrero and see if you find a style that you like and if not, we can work together to find a style that ultimately suits your needs and works best  for YOU!  

The Executive Room
The Executive Room
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